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Recently, it was reported that the wallet of well-known adult actress HongKongDoll has been emptied.

Adult Actress HongKongDoll Recently Shocked The Public By Announcing A "Wallet Reset To Zero” (1)

Nov 09
The adult film actress known as the "Contemporary Bodhisattva," "HongKongDoll," recognised for her deep gaze and fair large eyes, exudes a sense of mystery while wearing a mask. She has accompanied many lonely men through countless lonely nights. Interestingly, she is also an experienced Web3 enthusiast! Rumor has it that she once made over a hundred million through ETH shorting. However, recent reports suggest that her wallet has been emptied! About HongKongDoll HongKongDoll is a Chinese-American actress and model. She is a highly popular figure in the adult entertainment industry. She has partnered with numerous leading adult brands and studios, solidifying her status as an icon in the adult entertainment world. Her collaborations with prominent male adult celebrities have resulted in viral videos and photographs distributed online. HongKongDoll in Crypto In 2022, during the unprecedented prosperity of the NFT market, she was already very familiar with cryptocurrencies. She posted a message on X (formerly known as Twitter) about buying a large quantity of the well-known blue-chip project Azuki, instantly causing a sensation. As Azuki's popularity continues to soar, its price has been steadily rising. The tokens, initially priced at 3E, had now reached nearly 30E by April, marking a tenfold increase. HongKongDoll also mentioned in a tweet that she was able to offset her previous losses with the profits from Azuki. However, upon closer inspection, her total investment cost amounted to US$400,000.
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