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Episode 2 of Coinlive's Cryptocurrents Podcast, featuring Yam Wern-Jhien, co-founder and director of Setia Law, discussing what comes after Su Zhu's arrest.

Cryptocurrents ep2 - What comes after Su Zhu's arrest?

Oct 17
It was all going so well- his company was up 40x, and he was one of the darlings of the crypto world. A mere four weeks later, his company was in liquidation, and Su Zhu found himself on the run, dodging liquidators and being served subpoenas. As they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and Su Zhu’s fall from grace was no exception. Last week, after more than a year on the run, Su Zhu was finally arrested at Singapore Changi Airport, as he tried to board a flight. Su Zhu is currently in prison, but contrary to popular belief, not for crypto crimes. Instead, he’s in a cell because of his refusal to cooperate with the liquidation investigation. So what’s next? Will Su Zhu be indicted for actions taken during his time running 3AC? And what will his arrest mean for everyone else? Today, we speak to Yam Wern-Jhien, co-founder and director of Setia Law. Wern-Jhien has had extensive experience in crypto law, having represented companies in disputes and participating in investigations to track stolen funds. In this episode of Cryptocurrents, we explore Su Zhu’s rise to fame, fall from grace, and the implications of his arrest. There’s plenty to unpack here for everyone- from 3AC creditors to Web3 founders. The full episode is available on our twitter, and you can check it out here. Quote of the episode: “In the old practice, if you want to serve court notices to someone that you can’t locate, you’d advertise it in the papers. Because it was presumed that everyone reads newspapers. But in today’s reality, nobody does that. But everybody reads Twitter- so I would say it's a more effective way to communicate and serve these notices.” Resources: Setia Law Coinlive Speaker links: Yam Wern-Jhien (Linkedin/ Twitter) Zachary Tang (Linkedin/ Twitter) Clement Ooi (Linkedin/ Twitter)
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