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Private Keys Have Life-cycles? Ft. Bruce Wang of Safeheron

Private Keys Have Life-cycles? Ft. Bruce Wang of Safeheron

Oct 16
We speak to Bruce Wang, Co-Founder and CTO of Safeheron, who shares with us about what Safeheron does, private keys, and security in the crypto space. Find us on every social platform: Twitter - https://twitter.com/CoinliveHQ TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@coinlive_com Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/coinlive_com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CoinliveHQ/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/coin... Telegram - https://t.me/CoinliveHQ 0:00 Quickfire Questions 1:30 Introducing: Safeheron 2:10 Could you tell us more about what your role in the Safeheron team is? 2:27 What exciting projects is Safeheron currently working on? 3:32 Custody Security 3:54 Would you say that it is a challenge to keep up with new threats and risks that appear every day? 4:42 I understand that private keys have a certain “life-cycle” to them, starting with the generation of the key in a key ceremony. Could you share more about this with us? 5:42 Which would you say is the most vulnerable phase in a key’s “life-cycle”? 6:06 With US$7M in Pre-A investment flowing in to Safeheron, what is the next milestone for the company’s asset security goals? 6:30 MetaMask Partnership 7:05 Were there any challenges along the way in securing this partnership? What would you say was the primary obstacle? 7:31 For the benefit of our viewers, could you tell us more about what this partnership entails and how users may stand to benefit from it? 8:07 What are the next key milestones for this partnership? 8:22 General Questions 10:09 With Ethereum’s merge coming up right around the corner, there is speculation that there may potentially be a significant overhaul on the way blockchain protocols are executed. From a security perspective, do you think there is cause for concern? 10:52 To date, what would you say has been the greatest threat to asset security in the crypto space? 11:28 There are a significant number of people who are skeptical about safety and security within the crypto space, especially in the current bear market. To what extent do you think having reliable custody solutions could help ease their concerns? #Coinlive #Interview #Trader #Web3 #Blockchain #Bitcoin #BTC #Ethereum #ETH #Cardano #ADA #Solana #gamefi #web3gaming #digitalcurrency #DAOs #smartcontracts #safeheron
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